Community Hall

Westbury Leigh community car park

Westbury Leigh’s community car park was created in 1974 by West Wiltshire District Council, with the intention of providing parking facilities primarily for residents, following representations about the hazards presented by cars parked on the street.  Since then car ownership has increased enormously, but the houses in Westbury Leigh are still mostly without off-street parking.  The availability of the community car park is therefore essential both for residents and for visitors.

Following its strategic parking review in 2014/15, Wiltshire Council has decided that Westbury Leigh car park is not a strategic asset.  In order to protect the car park and ensure that it remains available for community use, Westbury Leigh Community Project intended to take ownership of the car park from Wiltshire Council itself.  This aspiration has now been shared with Westbury Town Council who are currently responsible for this vital community asset.